Jefferson vs. Grand Rapids 1/7/05

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Post by hockeyJ » Mon Jan 09, 2006 1:20 pm

I first want to congradulate grand rapids for a huge win vs the jags when almost everybody was thinking the jags would pull it out including myself. Now i look at this game for the jags as a lesson to learn from for later in the year. If you remember back to the state tourney game last year vs AHA, Jefferson jumped out to an early 1-0 lead and looked as if they could win, they played great, unfortunatly later in the game they stepped down a level and AHA went on to win. This year i believe this game vs. Grand Rapids and the schwans cup game vs Centennial, this jags team has learned the same lesson. In the Centennial game the jags owned centennial till the last 10 min in the third and OT. Vs grand rapids leveine scored in the first 20 ticks of the game and shortly after scored again, it was 2-0 and the people in the rink were like "holy crap! their good" I think after that, they started getting penalties and their level of play dropped and that ended up as a tough loss. Last year tough, that loss for the jags happened in the state tourny whereas this year the jags have already learned that lesson in the middle of the season. The Jags have a great team w/ great potential, but i've said this before "I believe some of the kids on this team think that their team is alot better than they really are and earleir in this post i said that grand rapids would win this game if the jags played the game like it was a cakewalk" Well the first half of the first period they didnt but for rest of the game thats exactly what the jags did, they played it like a calkwalk especially after there best player scored twice in 4 minutes. Now, i hope for rest of the season the jags look back at this game and remember what happened. I believe the jags will still win their conference, the only real game i see as a possible loss in the future will be vs. moorhead but the game is at BIG and the jags dont loose at BIG. Otherwise they should take the conference, sections and advance to state, im hoping if they get their that they play every game like it's their last, and leave the cake for somebody else. <p></p><i></i>

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Post by MediaGuide » Mon Jan 09, 2006 1:58 pm

The most important factor that turned the game around for GR is one that BJ can solve and that was a couple of players hurt the team with multiple penalties (most of them stupid) in the first period just as BJ had taken the 2 goal lead. GR is a solid team and could've turned it around anyway, but BJ was in position to extend the lead at that time. It looked much like the EP game until then. I don't think BJ necessarily stepped down, but they had an extensive run of PK that seemed to change the game completely from where it was after BJ's second goal. <p></p><i></i>