USHL Draft

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USHL Draft

Post by OnFrozenPond » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:50 am

I am trying to sort through the changes to this years USHL draft. Looking at the USHL website and comparing it to past years...

1. Futures draft expands from 6 to 8 rounds.
2. Affiliate lists expand from 10 to 18 players.
3. Initial rosters expand from 40 to 45. This includes current players, draft picks and affiliate players.
4. Protected List submitted in July increases from 35 (25 roster, 10 affiliate) to 48 (30 roster, 18 affiliate). Does this mean teams could expand their roster after tryout camps?
5. Final rosters are 23 players and the expanded 18 player affiliate list.

It appears that teams will be able to hold the rights to more players. They will also be able to carry more players through the summer before final cuts in the fall. If true, there could be a lot of player movement in the fall as each team could cut 7 players (up from 2 in past years).

Am I looking at this correctly? It can get confusing.

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