Baer signs with Vancouver Giants

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Look forward to watching the young man

Post by yawannago » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:46 am

I'm not a Vancouver Giant fan, though I enjoy being able to watch the WHL in Kamloops. Always look forward to watching new young talent.

Hope he grows a bit, as it is a tough league and as has been mentioned on this forum, you're playing against young men up to 20 years old. It is also tough adapting to a 72 game schedule, the travel, billeting and being away from home. Though it can also be a great experience living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, getting a real look at what an NHL type schedule is like.

What I don't get on this forum is all the anti WHL sentiment. We in Canada don't whine, moan and bitch when one of our young players decides on US College hockey, why are so many posters here so adamant that the WHL is such a bad option? Alex will get one year of post secondary education at the school of his choice for every year he plays.

The Seattle Thunderbirds drafted two Canadian kids who are likely to choose the US college route and no one is bashing their decision that they deem is in their best interest. Shouldn't people just be happy that these kids have options available to them, regardless of where they play.

I bet 95% of the posters on this forum have never seen a WHL game, yet so many of you run the game down, the coaches, the team owners, everything about it. It's no different than the college option, there are coaches who aren't so great, schools that don't have the kids best interest and then there are schools that are awesome.

Also, many of you run down the school benefit these kids get from the WHL. US College is no better. A full ride is BS. Often Canadian kids parents are supplementing their kids education to the tune of 30-40 thousand a year when their kid is at a US school on a full ride. These full rides are also reviewed after EVERY season, so in reality are only one year scholarships that can extend to four years. A lot of these schools also have a less than stellar record of looking after young athletes who are injured while playing for them.

I don't care which option these kids take, but there are risks for either option and it is up to each kid to decide. There are kids who did well going the college route, but many who have done well going the WHL route. I just watched a game tonight that had five American kids who are enjoying their experience up here. Be happy for them and ease up on the sniping at a hockey league most of you really don't know anything about.

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Post by forcerocks » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:20 am

I agree with 100 percent of what you have said

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Post by oldpuck » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:32 am

The issue here isnt the WHL, although Alec missing 1 practice to VISIT Vancouver initiated the discussion here.
He was told "there may be consequences with his continuing rekationship with the team" brought on the following punishment and intended or unintended results:
1. Unable to play last 4-5 games of the season
2. Unable to play in MN State Tournament , in which his school is projected to go far
3. Unable to play HS hockey anywhere in MN this year or most of next yr because of MN rules against transfers
4. Because he is not yet 16 y/o he cant join Van.until his HS season ends here. He can askfor a waiver from his HS. I have heard that there are doubts that the school will sign the waiver,saying he has only been s
"Suspended" Are u kidding me?

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Post by Wallyworld » Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:52 am

I can see why the kid would be carrying on a relationship with the team after doing so well at their rookie camp, putting up numbers not seen since Glibert Brule. I'm sure that immediately got him thinking past high school hockey and it's not for me to judge either way.. Tough not to follow the call....


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