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WarmUpTheBus wrote:Looking at GR roster and don't see Gavin Hain. Did he not make the cut? ... school=191
Check for a roster within the next week I would guess. Both goalies are wrong and it's missing McLaughlin and Hain. There is zero chance in hell those two aren't on the varsity roster.
Looks like the mshsl has the current GR roster, but not yet separated into varsity and JV. ... school=191

Looks like they have separated it now.
Going with only 5 D but 3 goalies seems like an interesting move.
So this is where #26 is playing. Hot water.
Lol!! Hey, if u ever get in hot water with your wife, call mom. "I'm not pro-dad, I'm pro-family!!!"

LN. BSM. GR. Parents want hardware.

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Dear Stats81:

Interestingly, I received a call this morning telling me to check out this forum and specifically your comment. I'm not on the forum, but managed to find it. I am a lawyer, frequently referred to a lawyer for dad, and #26's Mom. Your comments seem mean-spirited, inflammatory and based on false information/assumptions. First, I do represent a lot of dads. I think kids do better after a divorce with two active parents. I think it is better for kids, moms, and dads. It is a very pro-family approach. I'm not really sure what my job has to do with any of this, other than it is just a way to be mean. My son has no need for a family law lawyer - so your comment that he should call me is odd. Second, I am not a hockey fanatic. I don't have the time or inclination to study every team or player's background. I can tell you that I am far more into education than hockey. Every move we've made was due to jobs or education. This move was a result of my husband's job. If you haven't had to make these kind of decisions - count your blessings. I love my son and make the best choices I can given the resources I have available, as I'm sure most parents do. The decisions have been about his development as a human being, not a hockey player. Hockey ends for everyone at some point. I grew up in Grand Rapids and it has some of the best people I've ever met there and has a great school. Third, I'm more than happy to sit down with you and have a conversation about this so that you can make valid and comments based on fact if you so choose. I mean that sincerely - so you can send me a message if you're so inclined. If you going to rip on me or my son - at least make it based on real facts. I certainly have thick skin and can take criticism - but it should be based on fact and not rumor.