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SkillFest for High school Girls 2009

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:23 am
by Media
August 2nd Through 5th High school Girls


Name __________________________________ Age _______ Email______________

Address_______________________________City_____________ ZIP_____________

Home Phone ______________________ Players Cell _________________

Last Years Team_______________________

Division 1 and 3 coaches * Slumber Party format * Catered Meals * Jersey Lectures by coaches on college preparation * Practices and Games * Kick Boxing *Off Ice training
* Parents welcome to view the games

LOW COST: $395.00
$100.00 non refundable deposit required
Only 68 positions available first come first serve.

Send check and application to : QuickSkills Inc.
28917 Babbo lane
Grand Rapids Minnesota 55744

218 259 -2503 Questions Checks to QuickSkills Inc.

To Grand Rapids QuickSkills Inc . I/We hereby release the hockey camp to be known and called SkillFest Grand Rapids QuickSkills inc. its owner, shareholders, employees, or other agents from all claims of injury or illness which may be sustained while participating in this G.R.Q.S. Inc. event.
This includes, but is not limited to, any injury or illness sustained Prior to, during or after The Grand Rapids event. I/We agree to indemnify Daniel Clafton President, coaches, agents or other associates of Grand Rapids QuickSkills Inc. for each claim, which may hereafter be presented by my/our child as a result of injury or illness. I/We further certify the My/Our child is medically fit to participate in this Grand Rapids QuickSkill Inc event.

Parents Consent__________________________________________