MN Legacy Hockey - Fall Warm-up - BLAT

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MN Legacy Hockey - Fall Warm-up - BLAT

Post by pro2b@3 » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:06 pm

Fall Training Camp is a peak performance program that will prepare the skaters for the winter season by developing the body’s different energy systems and coordinating them to work together to meet performance demands. Hockey players with a higher tolerance for lactic acid are able to compete with greater intensity for longer periods without fatiguing.

Properly trained athletes develop more efficient energy systems because intense work produces less lactic acid. Correct anaerobic conditioning also results in a tolerance for lactic acid. Skaters then become acclimated to the burning feeling of lactic acid build-up. Fall Training Camp will prepare the skater for the demands of the game by increasing training intensity beyond game tempo to develop the physical and mental strength needed to excel.

•Class Size Limited to 30 skaters allowing for maximum intensity and repetition.
•This program is designed to prepare the athlete for winter tryouts.
•This program is designed to improve speed, quickness, & endurance. ... -availible

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