FAST Elite Conditioning Camp OFF ICE

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FAST Elite Conditioning Camp OFF ICE

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Becoming an FAST Elite Athlete is not easy, it means pushing past your old limits - so we don't spend a lot of time making things comfortable, we 'll be busy making you a more explosive athlete.

This is an Off Ice training program that runs the months of May, June, July and August, five days per week (Monday through Friday), two hours per day. This program is open to 8th grade athletes and above. Participants can sign up for the 4 Month Program or the 3 Month Program.

The FAST Conditioning Camp goal is to develop a complete, conditioned and balanced athlete. Athletes will be subject to an interview and trial period to see if this program is right for them. Please note, this program is an invitational only program, and is not for every athlete. This program is built specially to help athletes reach their potential.
At the beginning of your training we will test you in many areas related to hockey. Quickness, agility, balance, power, strength, flexibility, anaerobic endurance are just a few of the areas we will measure. Each participant will have a FAST binder to keep track of test scores. This testing gives us some guidelines for where you need improvement as well. At the end of your training you will be retested to see your improvement.



A day during one of your sessions may look like this: warm-up, speed-power work, speed development linear and lateral, strength training, core work, aerobic conditioning, cool down and stretching.
The FAST Elite Condition Camp Program is designed for universal skill ability making it the perfect application for any level athlete. We tailor our program to each individual athletes needs. By following the Functional Path our program moves away from focusing on each individual muscle segment microscopically, and instead focuses on the whole body working in unison. This involves centralizing our program on the premise of optimizing muscle interaction rather than individual muscles. Utilizing this technique we are able to force muscles to train in unison creating a stronger well-rounded athlete.
FAST applies a multi-faceted methodology that generates RESULTS. Our instructors will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level. FAST is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential by:
- Improving Performance >> Career Productivity
- Decreasing Injury Potential >> Career Longevity
- Motivating through Education>> Strategies for Success

Student / Athletes First
We meet with our athletes regularly to discuss school, nutrition, goals, personal and social interaction. We also focus on how athletics fit into the "big picture" and how to keep things into perspective.

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