Women's Legacy 61's

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Women's Legacy 61's

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Minnesota Legacy Women’s 61 Program
The ability to skate is the foundation that all hockey players need to succeed at any level. The Women’s 61 Program was developed with the intention of enhancing the skating and puck skills of women hockey players. The program is an enjoyable developmental program geared toward C1, C2, C3 and early B level women hockey players.

On-Ice Training

The 61 Program is designed to build a strong foundation of fundamental skating, puck management and passing skills that create the physiological changes necessary to build muscle memory. Each session will add skill progressive exercises to promote constant learning. Each drill is carefully explained and put into practical context to promote a strong understanding of the skills needed to excel in game situations.

Off-Ice Training
Off-ice training will focus on building speed, foot quickness, mobility, balance, core-strength and power through plyometric and total body strengthening exercises that link the bodies muscle groups and train the three energy systems to work synergistically.

The 61 Program consists of 17 hours of on-ice and 5 hours of off-ice instruction.

Class size is limited to 30 skaters allowing for maximum intensity and repetition. Online registration is available at http://www.minnesotalegacyhockey.com Under Hockey Clinics

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