Lance not on All Tournament Team - worst omission ever?

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Post by itsfoilcoach » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:35 pm

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highgloveside wrote:Speaking of that, anyone know the breakdown of who won what for state awards? the 10 total goalies and 10 forwards are listed but any surprises or omissions for other awards?
A hot topic for me in which I can’t comment. I wish I could however. But without going to deep, and to somewhat stop my urge to comment further and start something that could possibly ruffle some feathers. I will say this. I’m not a surprise on one side for the award given. But the other side... I refrain from comment.
"itsfoilcoach second quote"

Hiese.. Spot on for Ms. Hockey!

Dobchuck..First don't get me wrong here. She is a great goalie, But the "not even close" opens the comparative discussion here. Plus I am fine with the Ms. Goalie pick myself as well.
"My Question"

Foil you say one thing then another. Your original quote you were unhappy with one of the picks. Now your fine with both? Which is it? :roll:

So when I say "fine" Woody its not a glowing approval, but an approval just the same. I was trying to stay out of the debate as you so pointed out on my first post. But that line in the sand I set for myself was crossed by your insult to the other girls who worked hard to be up at that table, I just couldn't let it stand when data exist to support otherwise. I couldn't sit idly by and let your negative "not even close" judgment of the other high quality goalies stand being it just wasn't right by any stretch of the imagination.. Statistically there were stronger goalies as discussed earlier. But I tried to take the high road prior to your comment, but I ended up exposing some of my innuendo sentiments I was trying to avoid when reacting to your ill advised comments concerning all the other top tens. Sorry on that confusion.

So please enlighten me on who you feel should have gotten the award then and why?[/quote]

Being that award is based on SR year for 2017/18 season, and their stats. The information needed is easily obtained above, and on the Goalie Hub stats as well, but some you will have to scroll down a few times to see however.. I think the numbers can speak for themselves. I also know its much more complicated than a number, but what goes into that number. Like SOS, and how loaded the team is in front of her to point out a few variables.. But there are goalies that I could make some interesting discussion for, and against. But I wont fall into that discussion, sorry.

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