Scoring vs AA field

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Scoring vs AA field

Post by j4241 » Sun Feb 20, 2022 9:00 pm

Just for grins, I recut the scoring data based on points vs the AA field and added it to the original spreadsheet (first tab in the link below). This includes the top kids from the longer list, and I added a few seniors that were left off but are participating (Laroche, Kuehl, Lindborg, Kaiser), and a few from BSM per Hoen's point (Hoen, Moretenson, Zavoral). I made note of how many games and points each kid had vs the 3 unseeded teams. ... sp=sharing

I am almost certain I didn't miss anyone in the state that would be near the top of this list, though I'm also sure there are some kids not on this list who had a few points vs these teams.

Takeaways - Andover's scoring punch against the field is impressive. Tonka's and Gentry's are well behind their's, but well ahead of Maple Grove and Edina. I didn't include anyone from the unseeded teams. Burnsville played 0 games against the field, Northfield played 1 (and scored 1 goal) and Brainerd played 1 (and scored 1 goal).

Andover's top line is clearly a weapon that is unequaled by the rest of the field.

(Also, the Blake line is right there with them - Morrison leading the state in scoring vs the AA state tourney field in an injury shortened 15 game season, Higuchi tied for 3rd, Broz tied for 12 - their ppg of 4.2 just behind the Andover's trio at 4.5, and the Andover trio never had to play Andover!)

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