The First Girls' Youth Hockey Team?

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The First Girls' Youth Hockey Team?

Post by The Exiled One » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:45 am
The defenseman sports a brown pony tail.

She is Chris Kinard, 11, one of about 30 participants in a recently organized girls' hockey program, which probably is the first of its kind in Minnesota.

Chris, like many of the other girls who range in age from 8-13, had borrowed most of her hockey equipment from her brother.

"They're pretty good for girls," noted Chris' 12-year-old brother, Jon, who watched the group's first practice last Sunday at the Mounds View High School hockey rink.

The program has been organized under the Lake Region Hockey program, which is within the Mounds View School District.

The girls, some with brightly colored scarves wrapped around their necks, streaked down the ice with a sureness born of many hockey sessions on neighborhood lakes and ponds.

This year the group is divided into two teams, but by next year coaches Jerry Smith and Pete Paulos hope to have enough girls for six teams.

The coaches said they tried to divide the two teams "fairly evenly," and last Sunday's scrimmage ended in a 3-3 tie. Both Smith and Paulos had reason to be proud of their hockey-playing daughters, each of whom scored one goal.

Last year Smith's daughter Sue, 10, was the only girl on a championship-winning boys' hockey team.

At that point Smith and several of the other fathers decided that forming a hockey team for girls only might be a better alternative because they reasoned "the psychological aspects of a girl playing against boys are not good."

The rules are the same as in regular hockey except there are no slap shots or body checks allowed.

This winter the group will practice every Sunday afternoon, and the coaches hope to arrange at least three games between the two teams.

The teams are being sponsored by Vitales, a supplier of sporting equipment, and Merle Norman Cosmetics, each of which contributed about $80 to purchase jerseys for the girls.
Love how dated some of the quotes sound. Also, the fact that they were sponsored by a cosmetics company... :lol:

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