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Post by DubCHAGuy » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:12 am

HShockeywatcher wrote:
DubCHAGuy wrote:
HShockeywatcher wrote:
observer wrote:I think he's suggesting although not impossible it's nutty. It's why the privates end up with a lot of players, and parents, with issues.
My point that many people often ignore is that many people make a decision about high school 10 or more years before a child gets to the school. One of the top things people look at in buying a house is where their child will go to [high] school. This goes the same for public and private schools.
Until recently it was easier for people to change their mind to attend a private school than a public, which has changed.

This is the part of the "recruiting debate" that is interesting for discussion and one that many are in denial about. All communities everywhere recruit (or don't) to get people to move to their community by providing a good community. Some do a better job than others.

Many that end up "leaving their community hockey programs" to go play at a private school had chosen to live in that community because they could be a part of the community and attend the private school they wanted to, not to "hijacking Bantam programs" as was suggested.
True. Most of the players at the private hockey powers are not in this category though. Many of them have siblings back at the public schools that they left.
I doubt it is most, but no need to quibble over the difference between most and some. If you are correct, why are they leaving?
Most live in a community with a fine program, where they originally intended to be.
Well on the east side, there aren't 2 programs better than Hill and STA, so one reason is to play on a better hockey team. Maybe more of an upgrade for a kid from Woodbury, SSP, Highland, or Sibley than it is for someone going from Centennial to Hill, but it's an upgrade nonetheless. For STA players, having a rink next door to the school with a full dryland facility. Also, like them or not, both are extremely well coached teams. So, one way or another, the reason is Hockey.

Like I said, this isn't every case, but more are there for hockey than any other reason.

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Post by hawkhockey » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:18 am

BadgerBob82 wrote:Rochester Lourdes: 1 lives/played in Winona. 1 lived/played in Red Wing. 1 lived/played in Texas. 1 lives/played in Kasson. The rest lives/played youth hockey in Rochester.
give it a rest. lived in winona. past tense. accept the facts.

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observer wrote:
Might as well let Canucks in too, eh ?
This season's Warroad girls team had three sisters from Canada. One will graduate.
And two sisters from the Bemidji HS team.

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