Hibbing Bluejackets

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Hibbing Bluejackets

Post by kniven » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:19 am

Now that Grand Rapids is in great shape with coach Klatt back in the fold. What's going on in Hibbing? I was there for the first time last year, and they beat my purple 3-2. What a great arena, and the place was pretty full. I hope Bluejacket hockey can get their ducks in a row before the season. They've got some serious talent!!

What's the latest news out of Hibbibg?

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Post by rainier » Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:18 am

Wish I had some good info, but there's mostly rumors at this point.

-Coach appears to be out, rumors circulating about why, but nothing definite. Haven't heard anything about possible replacement.

-Goalie Ullan tried out for the NTDP, and I have yet to hear if he was invited or if so, if he accepted.

-As far as I knew, Perunovich was planning on coming back. If Ullan heads to NTDP, then I suppose that could change.

-Beating Hermantown with Ullan and Perunovich would be a tall task, and without them, Hibbing drops behind Greenway to #3 in 7A.

We'll see what develops. I'd like to see a new coach, as Versich made some questionable moves these last two seasons that made me really doubt his ability to make this program better.
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