Moving to Minnesota for HS Hockey

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Re: Moving to Minnesota for HS Hockey

Post by yesiplayedhockey » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:02 am

Can anyone remember the last time a high profile player (or school) was busted for this rules violation?

Does anyone know if they even investigate a player if there's an actual inquiry?

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Re: Moving to Minnesota for HS Hockey

Post by thefatcat » Thu Sep 19, 2019 11:27 am

yesiplayedhockey wrote:
Sat Aug 31, 2019 7:34 am
Doc Holiday

I think MNMade does an excellent job in early development.Their choice Mite league in really good for kids starting out. Plus it takes the pressure of associations who are already hurting for ice time. Most associations pile 40-50 mites on the ice for 45 minutes of babysitting. The training these young kids get is no where near the quality a mite kid can get at the Made

But that is where it stops. In my opinion kids should go back to their association come squirts. The real problem I have with Made is when they start trying to build out their Quebec team. Years ago kids would actually quit their pee wee team in the middle of the season to go play in this. If I was a pee wee coach, I would have said you leave the team and you're not coming back. Now kids have to play the whole year at Made. Kids actually give up one whole year of association hockey just to play in this one tournament.

Now this is were the Made lovers are going to come at me and say GREATEST EXPERIENECE EVER....I call BS....if that is truly the pinnacle of your kids hockey career than i truly feel sorry for you....I would take a weekend in Roseau over a week in quebec any time. My other problem with Made is that if you play thru Squits and pee wees, you're basically playing on the same 2 sheets of ice against the same 4-6 teams wearing the same bland colors over and over and over and over.. I think some kids get burnt out quickly with the repetition.

Understand this...I do applaud Bernie for his contribution to Minnesota hockey. It's not easy making a living selling ice. He's been an asset to so many kids...Made absolutely does the best job training the Mites. But in my opinion, that is were it should stop.
For chits & giggles I just looked at the MN Made website for upcoming season of Choice League. There are 54 teams this coming season which I believe is the most they've ever had. If you compare that to the largest youth hockey association in the state, Wayzata (but just the boys...does not include girls) the numbers are similar. Mite teams at Made: 28 (Wayzata; 28), Squirt teams at Made: 14 (Wayzata: 12), PeeWee teams at Made: 12 (Wayzata 8 ). That's roughly 918 kids not playing association.

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Re: Moving to Minnesota for HS Hockey

Post by East Side Pioneer Guy » Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:05 pm

I know the horse has long since left the barn on this, but all of the transfer chatter reinforces my belief that inter-mural sports should never have become a part of high schools.

Of course, this is heresy on a site like this. But Momma told me that the agitator is the thing in the middle of the washer that gets all the dirt out.

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