New Body Contact Rules

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Re: New Body Contact Rules

Post by GoldenBear » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:27 am

If the game is called consistently and correctly there is no need for self policing.
There will always be a need to self police whether its baseball, football and hockey. Hell, there is a need to self police when I drive my car to work sometimes. GB

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Re: New Body Contact Rules

Post by That guy for that thing » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:30 am

WarmUpTheBus wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:42 pm
That guy for that thing wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:52 pm
PuckNA wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:28 am
I didn't see anyone say anything about going out of your way to "finish a check". Finishing should be as a part of the play, many times if you dont "finsh" and let that guy go free.. you are out of the play..

Difference in taking yourself out of the play... sometimes it happens, but most times you are now at an advantage over the guy who you just hit in most cases, even if it's a second or two or a foot or two.

My $0.02
At the 8:20 mark of the video, they explicitly say "The Concept of 'finishing a check' is an unacceptable action as it is one that is meant to intimidate or punish the opponent with no intent to gain possession of the puck."

What this reads to me is that unless you can pick up the puck immediately after the hit you cant go hit the player, because otherwise, it intimidates the player, and we can't have that in a contact sport.
Hitting a person who doesn’t have the puck certainly can be intimidating. It’s also illegal.
I never said that hitting a random player without the puck was acceptable, I was commenting that the video did say finishing your check was not acceptable. I disagree that finishing a check should be taken out of the game but thats just me. I truly think they should move checking back down to peewees so kids can learn how to check before the game gets too fast. Canada used to have it down in squirts.

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Re: New Body Contact Rules

Post by PuckNA » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:41 am

WarmUpTheBus wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:42 pm
Hitting a person who doesn’t have the puck certainly can be intimidating. It’s also illegal.
The game is so fast especially when you are playing it, sitting in the stands it may appear the players have "tons of time" to avoid contact, not so much when you are on the ice and have committed yourself to that play, it's a couple seconds or less in many cases. I don't think anyone advocates for hitting a random player not involved with the puck, but if you start to remove any consequence for holding the puck to long, or playing with your head down I think you weaken the game and only lead to a pond hockey game at the end of it all. You can't remove tools from the defensive side all the time and expect it to be a somewhat balanced style of play. How many rule changes have USA Hockey implemented that are advantageous to the defensive side of the game, they are gutting that side of the game to increase scoring and fast play. I see a ton more knee on knee at the youth levels as we have no regard for teaching contact at younger ages because "We can't hit anyway, so not spending time on it..." so players don't get angling, proper contact, etc. I know of more than a handful of players who have had to have knee surgery or missed significant time from those types of plays.. just in this last couple months (which isn't even prime hockey season). I think more significant injuries aren't from BIG HITS, but rather improper hits (to the head, with sticks or hands up high, hits from behind..etc) but instead of dealing with it at a more granular level, we just try and lop off big chunks.

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