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Post by observer » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:39 pm

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Post by IHEA » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:17 am

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IHEA wrote:
dlow wrote:
IHEA wrote: Hey I'm a proud Minnesota native, but I'm not impressed with the arrogant, head in the sand, chest thumpers that are clueless about some nice things that are happening in hockey around the country and don't even consider how they can benefit or branch off of our model. Keep the arrogance out of hockey. No place for it.
This above statement by IHEA is the definition of arrogance. Buddy, wake up, you make yourself into the fool by throwing out personal insults.

There is plenty of discussion here and really all over about youth hockey models in other states and people come to different conclusions than you about them. Because a person likes the MN model does not mean he is against reforms. I'm not high on the aa thing but I give credit to MN hockey for trying something different.

My personal suggestion would be to find ways to widden the base, bring even more kids in, bring back inner-city hockey. I think top enders already have plenty of challenges and opportunities. I'd almost really call that a non-issue. I've got no problem with allowing Tier I here or something similar, just don't think it would make a big impact other than on some pocket books and some parents obsession to keep up with the Joneses.

Drawing any conclusion from scores of a regional all star team against a few MN teams is pointless. I do think it is fun for our kids to face teams from others states though.
Just a little comeback for the high and mighty, ignorant insults Observer was throwing at the country folk.

Think we can draw some conclusions. I think its great to see how MN teams match up with the AAA teams too. Would like to see a lot more of it! Tennesse and neighboring states don't have a great hockey population OR TRADITION, certainly not with the scale of a Minnesota. If they can put a team of 98s together to dandily compete with some top 97 association teams from MN and even get a win against SSM that says a lot.

It also makes a statement about the level of hockey that our top 98 boys are playing compared to other 98s around the country. You may not see it but hockey has progressed in a big way around the country and we are just starting to see the impact of that system as it relates to producing elite players.
Take a look at the points made in the thread "Minnesota Players Performing Well in USHL".

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