How the Internet Roller Coaster Poll Works

The ballot is posted to the web and coaster related newsgroups and completed ballots are accepted during the month of November. The ballot lists over 170 wooden tracked roller coasters. Each person who takes the poll first indicates all those on the ballot that they have ridden, and then proceeds to numerically rank as many of them in relation to each other as they are able. The completed ballots are tabulated as follows: Each coaster is compred one at a time to every other coaster to see whether more people who have ridden both of them preferred one or the other. A coaster is given a "Win" for each coaster that more mutual riders ranked behind it, given a "Loss" for each coaster that more mutual riders ranked ahead of it, and given a "Tie" for each coaster that the same number of mutual riders ranked above it and below it. Coasters are ranked by their overall winning percentage (where ties count as half of a win and half of a loss). In the event that two coasters end up with identical winning percentages, the tie is broken (if possible) by determining which of the two won the mutual rider comparison between those two coasters. Anyone wishing to participate in next year's poll may send an e-mail to with the subject: Please Send Me a Wood Coaster Poll Ballot Next Year. Or look for the ballot in the usenet newsgroup rec.roller-coaster or at next November.