Steel Roller Coaster Poll 2007

Superman and Expedition GeForce Top the Poll Again in 2007

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For the seventh year in a row, the same two steel roller coasters are in the top two of the poll. Six Flags New England's Superman: Ride of Steel lost no mutual rider comparisons to other steel coasters, winning the comparison to #2 Expedition GeForce 13 to 10 (EGF's only mutual rider loss). SRoS did lose it's comparison to "Favorite Wood Coaster" 51 to 46. Eagle's Fortress is included as a perhaps controversial #3 with an asterisk. Only six of the fifteen year old Korean ride's riders participated in the poll but they are all well travelled enthusiasts and all rated it in their top ten. Three coasters finished tied with six mutual rider comparison losses and one tie and were ordered based on the mutual rider comparisons between the three of them. Millennium Force is placed at #4 as it was preferred by mutual riders to both #5 Katun and to #6 Nemesis. Georgia's version of Goliath finished #7, while Holland's Goliath came in at #8, edging #9 Nitro among mutual riders. Maverick was tops among 'new for 2007' rides, debuting at #10. Griffon also debuted well, at #13 it is the only other 'new for 2007' ride among the top 50. "Favorite Wood Coaster" would have finished 4th this year, losing only its comparisons to 5 of the top European Steel Coasters. It would appear that the wooden roller coasters being compared to those European steel roller coasters are not quite as beloved as those wooden roller coasters being compared to the North American Steel coasters. Goudurix reclaimed its spot this year at the bottom of the poll. Participation was up this year to 592 ballots, easily surpassing last year's record of 415. Within the top 20, the mutual rider tiebreaker was used twice to separate coasters that had the same number of blemishes (losses + (ties/2)) on their record....note that there are two pairs/trios of coasters in the top 20 for which the coaster with the marginally better winning percentage (due to more valid comparisons against much lower rated coasters) is the lower ranked one of the pair/trio. With the debut of Maverick at #10 along with #4 Millennium Force, Cedar Point now has the top rated steel coaster duo. Busch Gardens Tampa is still the park with the top steel coaster trio, with #11 Sheikra, #15 Montu, and #18 Kumba. The following chart shows the mutual rider comparisons for the top 13 steel roller coasters. Preferences are listed for the people who rode each pair of coasters. The chart should be read from left to right along the line for each of the top coasters listed at the left. For instance, it can be seen that #1 Superman won the comparison with #4 Millennium Force by a convincing 70 to 21 margin. NOTE: the order they are listed in the spreadsheet is not the official order of finish. Note: Scroll to the bottom for links to the mutual rider comparisons for all 350+ steel roller coasters in the poll. Note that any links below that are not yet active will become active as I have time to complete them.

2007 Steel Roller Coaster Poll Results Seven Year Chart

Ordered by this year's results for all 350+ coasters, with each coaster's results dating back to 1999 also listed on the same line, this chart is the best way to see trends and consistencies in each roller coaster's ranking over the years.

2007 Steel Roller Coaster Poll Results Listing

Shows each of the 350+ coasters winning percentage, the number of wins, losses, and ties for each and tiebreaker information.

All 592 Completed Steel Poll Ballots

Look for your ballot, a friend's ballot, or for ballots that have similar 'tastes' for ideas on which steel roller coasters you should seek out.

Mutual Rider Spreadsheet

Has the coaster v. coaster voting results (including favorite wood coaster) showing which coaster of each pair was preferred (and by what margin) by the people who have ridden each pair of coasters. (LARGE: 2 MB Excel Spreadsheet) Note: All comparisons are actually in the file, but only the first 255 columns/coasters can be seen when using Excel. NOTE: the order listed in the spreadsheet is not the official order of finish.

Results Based Only on Voters who Rode each Coaster in 2007

These results help highlight how each steel roller coaster was running this year.

Locations of the 2007 Voters

Shows cumulative locations for the voters who specified their state or country on their ballot.

Ride Forces

Shows which ride forces the voters preferred and also six top 20 rankings based only on voters who listed each of the six ride forces as their favorite (or co-favorite). For an explanation of the tabulation algorithm and much more about this poll, visit the website