Minnesota Hockey winter meeting agends

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Minnesota Hockey winter meeting agends

Post by elliott70 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:45 am

January 26-28 (Fri to Sun)
Marriott Minneapolis WestMarriott Minneapolis WestMarriott Minneapolis Minnesota Hockey, Inc. Board MeetingMinnesota Hockey, Inc. Board

Friday Committee Meetings
07:00 - 07:45 PM SWOT Initiatives Update
07:45 - 08:45 PM Executive Committee (Executive Session)

Saturday Committee Meetings
08:00 - 09:15 AM District Directors
09:15 - 09:45 AM New Hockey Programs/Tier 1
10:00 - 10:30 AM MNH Financial Audit Report
10:30 - 11:00 AM Concussion Rule Feedback
11:00 - 12:00 PM "Developing a Winning Culture"
12:00 - 01:00 PM Lunch
01:00 - 01:45 PM Hockey Operations
01:45 - 02:15 PM Rules Committee
02:15 - 02:30 PM Tournaments/Awards
02:45 - 03:15 PM Technology Committee
03:15 - 04:15 PM Association Leader Conference
4:15 - 04:30 PM Membership Development
04:30 - 05:00 PM Marketing Communications

Sunday Board Meeting
08:00 AM Call Meeting to Order
Roll Call
Minutes from Previous Meeting
Agenda Additions/Changes
Treasurer's Report
President's Report
Executive Director's Report
Committee Reports:
Administrative Mgmt
Adult Women
Bus Development
District Directors
Executive Comm
Girls League
High School Boys
High School Girls
Hockey Ops
Junior Gold
Membership Dev
Recreation Hockey
Regional Coordinators
USA Hockey Reports:

Old Business:

New Business:
Northstar Christian Academy Affiliate Agreement - Bushy
Proposed Bylaw and Youth Rule Changes - Halverson

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Rules Committee report/proposal for voting

Post by elliott70 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:50 am

The Mn Hockey Rules Committee met on Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017.

Modifications to the Handbook inside front cover, Bylaws and Youth Rules are proposed as shown below.

Change to Handbook Inside Front Cover
H1. The District Directors asked that we add verbiage on Handbook pg. 2 indicating that roster changes for Mites and new players w/b allowed after Dec. 31st for the lowest level the particular assn. offers. No changes after Dec. 31st to teams participating in State Tournaments, with exceptions as approved by the District Director. This is not technically a rule change, but it probably s/b approved by the Board.
Team Rosters
All teams except Adult ... Deadline Date - December 31
Player rosters must be approved prior to the first league or tournament game.
[H1] Any changes to rosters must be approved on or before December 31st.
No roster changes after Dec. 31st to teams eligible for State Tournaments, with exceptions as approved by the District Director.
Bylaws Changes
B1. We need to add language in our Bylaws specifying circumstances under which we will consider audio/video evidence.
ARTICLE 6 AUTHORITY – APPEALS – SUSPENSIONS – COURT ACTIONS D. Hearings: USA Hockey has developed a unified process on how to conduct Hearings (USAH Bylaw 10). The local authority having jurisdiction (local association, league or District) that conducts the Hearing must closely follow this process to resolve disputes. 1. The local authority having jurisdiction must hear disputes within thirty (30) days, provide a minimum of seven days' notice of the Hearing date and location, and make reasonable efforts to convene the hearing in a location accessible to all parties. The Hearing Notice must include the process and rules that will be used to conduct the Hearing. In suspension/discipline cases, the grounds for the proposed suspension/ discipline, the consequences of an adverse finding, and issues to be resolved by the Hearing panel should be included in the notice. 2. The Hearing Panel shall consist of a minimum of three (3) reasonably impartial persons. 3. The panel may in its discretion hold a formal or informal Hearing, in person or by telecom; hear any evidence it feels is relevant; place limitations on time, evidence and documentation; allow witnesses or written statements; and establish other hearing rules. Each party shall be treated equally, and shall have reasonable opportunity to present their case, in accordance with the established rules. [B1] a. Video and/or Audio evidence shall be allowed to be submitted as evidence in proceedings of Minnesota Hockey Article 6. Any person offering video or audio evidence shall establish proper foundation for the authenticity and chain of custody of such evidence. Either the hearing panel or any other party may inquire into the foundation and reliability of such evidence. The hearing panel in arriving at a decision may give whatever credibility they believe is appropriate to such evidence.
Youth Rules Changes
R1. The District Directors have agreed they want to continue to approve/sign "discretionary" waivers, but that they no longer want to approve "mandatory" school waivers. They still want copies of "mandatory" school waivers signed by the association presidents. If this change is passed, we will need to either modify the waiver form or create two separate forms.
R2. We have a few situations where District Directors are allowed sole and final authority that affects a player's eligibility. USAH Bylaw 10 E (1) (b) requires a minimum three-person panel to make such decisions. Accordingly, we need to set up a "District Director Committee" for this.
B. Participation Rule
1. Players must register and participate with the association whose boundaries incorporate the player’s residence. To participate on any other association's team, the player must obtain a waiver.
a. All waiver requests must be submitted on a current Waiver Form provided by MH.
b. The Waiver Form must indicate the reason for the waiver request. (school attendance, opportunity to play on travel team, co-op team, etc.).
c. The releasing and receiving associations may add conditions or restrictions to the waiver. Conditions must be indicated on the Waiver Form and initialed by all parties executing the waiver.
[R1] d. Waiver Forms must be signed by the releasing and receiving association presidents before being submitted to the District Director for approval. If the releasing and receiving associations are in two districts, the waiver form must be submitted to both District Directors for approval.
 After approval by the association presidents, Discretionary Waivers must be submitted to the District Director for approval (both Directors if two Districts are involved).
 Provide copies of approved Mandatory Waivers to the District Director (both Directors if two Districts are involved), and the receiving District Registrar. District Director approval is not needed on Mandatory waivers.
5. Changing Schools
a. Players not living in the attendance area of the school they attend shall elect one of the following:
1. Have full eligibility to compete at any division in their Association of Residence; or
2. Be eligible at all except the highest division in their Association of School Attendance for one year beginning with the first day of attendance in the new school, with full eligibility thereafter.
Exception: Players enrolling in 9th Grade for the first time are immediately eligible to compete at any division in their Association of School Attendance.
b. Players who have participated in their Association of School Attendance and desire to return to their Association of Residence without a related change of school shall elect one of the following:
1. Have full eligibility to compete at any division with their Association of School Attendance for one (1) year beginning with the first day that they notify in writing both involved associations of their intent to return to their Association of Residence; or
2. Be eligible at all except the highest division in their Association of Residence for one (1) year beginning with the first day that they notify in writing both involved associations of their intent to return to their Association of Residence.
c. For purposes of this rule, a team that is eligible to participate in "AA" level playoffs at the end of the season will be considered a higher division than a team within the same association that is eligible to participate in "A" level playoffs.
[R2] d. Submit unusual circumstances to the District Director Committee for a decision, which is final.
6. A waiver must be obtained before a player can participate outside of their Home Association. During a season, a player that registers or participates with one assn. can't participate with any other assn. without a waiver. Trying out in an assn. is considered participation. A player that participates without a necessary waiver is considered an ineligible player. Refer to the Section entitled Eligibility Provisions.
7. Players denied a waiver or given a waiver with conditions by their Home Association may appeal in writing to the Home Association's District Director Committee. The Director's Committee's decision is final.
[R2] 8. District Director Committee: In cases indicated above where decisions are to be made by a District Director Committee, the District Director shall appoint two other persons beside themselves as the designated committee, one of which will be either the Maroon or Gold Vice President. This is to hear appeals pursuant to USAH Bylaw 10 E (1) (b).
9. Players having dual citizenship, one being the United States, must conform to this participation rule.
R3. While we prohibit Inter-level play in Minnesota, it is not a USA Hockey rule nor common in other states. Our prohibition of Inter-level play in tournaments has been interpreted to apply to tournaments outside of Minnesota. We have been given counsel from USA Hockey that this interpretation unreasonably restricts teams from participating in Invitational Tournaments outside of Minnesota Hockey and interferes with the operation of Invitational Tournaments which Minnesota Hockey does not sanction. We need to clarify that this prohibition applies only to MH sanctioned invitational tournaments.
D. Interlevel Play: Interlevel play (games/exhibition games) is not permitted between classifications (Peewee vs Bantam, 15U vs 12U) or between divisions (A vs B, B vs C or A vs C teams), except for Jr Gold 16 vs Jr Gold B, and 15U A vs B. In special circumstances where interlevel play between divisions is appro-
[R3] priate, the affected District Director(s) must approve. Interlevel play is not permitted in MH sanctioned invitational tournaments or MH playoff tournaments, with the exception that Jr Gold 16 teams may participate in Jr Gold B invitational tournaments and 15UB teams may participate in 15UA invitational tournaments. Teams violating this provision may be declared ineligible to compete in any invitational tournaments and in MH district, region and state tournaments for the current season, and, in case of flagrant violations, for such further period of time as the district director shall deem appropriate. House league and city recreational league teams must be registered as C teams if they intend to play other teams outside of their hockey community. District Directors may permit a B or C division team from small cities or newly developed programs to play in a higher division league if there is no comparable division league available.
R4. In the Fair Play rule, add an "e" that if player on the team is assessed a game misconduct for rule 601 e.2 (obscene gesture) or 601 e.3 (offensive/hateful discriminatory language), the team loses their Fair Play Point.
R5. For a while we allowed Squirts to publish only Fair Play standings (not win/loss standings) and recognized teams earning 90% of their Fair Play points. Since we now publish win/loss standings and have not been awarding sportsmanship awards, we should remove this paragraph.
Q. Fair Play
2. Each team will earn their Fair Play point if none of the following occurs:
a. Total Fair Play penalty minutes criteria is exceeded
b. Per Conduct Rule XIV.C.2, spectator conduct becomes so abusive that, in referee(s)’ opinion, it is distracting from the game or inciting players, requiring the referee(s) to stop play and request specified individuals leave the arena.
c. Coach is assessed a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty.
d. An off-ice official (timekeeper, scorekeeper, penalty box attendant) provided by one of the teams exhibits conduct that results in the person being removed from their position by the referee(s).
[R4] e. A player on the team receives a game misconduct under USAH Rule 601 e2/e3 for obscene gesture or offensive/hateful/discriminatory language.
[R5] 6. Squirts and 10&Under leagues may keep and publish Fair Play point standings. Individual Fair Play Sportsmanship awards are available for teams earning 90% of their league's Fair Play points.
R6. Revise the Conduct Rule dealing with racial/ethnic slurs to align with new USAH playing rule. Offensive, hateful or discriminatory language will not be tolerated and will result in Game Misconduct per USA Hockey playing rules. The following was derived from text provided by Tom Mikus at the Fall Meeting and modified by Dan Beckman:
[R6] A. Racial or ethnic slurs and/or harassing conduct of any kind will not be tolerated.
A. All players, coaches and fans must maintain an environment that encourages mutual respect and promotes respectful and congenial relationships between players, coaches and fans and that is free from all forms of harassment by anyone.
1. All hockey players that are involved in an incident involving language, a gesture or conduct that is offensive, hateful or discriminatory in nature (“Occurrence”) must inform their coaches as soon as reasonably possible after such an Occurrence, whether it is on or off the ice.
2. If a player notifies the coach of an Occurrence, the coach must communicate the Occurrence to the officials as soon as is reasonably possible.
3. Upon notification, the official must inform the opposing team and coaches of the report of the Occurrence and warn them that such behavior will result in a game misconduct penalty against each responsible involved player if observed by an official.
4. If at any time, with or without notification, an official observes an Occurrence, they must assess a game misconduct penalty against each offending player.
5. The officials must note a reported or observed Occurrence on the game scoresheet upon completion of the game and a copy shall be provided to the District Director of each offending player’s team.
6. The District Director will maintain the scoresheet as a record of the Occurrence and may conduct any additional investigation and impose any additional discipline deemed necessary by the District Director.
[End of Rules Committee Report

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Post by greenwayraider » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:03 pm

It takes dedicated people like you to make this the State of Hockey. Thanks for all that you do.

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Post by elliott70 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:14 pm

greenwayraider wrote:It takes dedicated people like you to make this the State of Hockey. Thanks for all that you do.

Well, thank you.

That makes things nicer.
But most of what I do is enjoyable.

10 years doing Bemidji and now 18 years doing Minnesota Hockey and District 16.

I have grown old doing hockey (and baseball and some other stuff).
But in return this stuff keeps me feeling young.

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