Final Central Scouting Report

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Final Central Scouting Report

Post by green4 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:49 pm

Here is the final central scouting report for 2017-2018 ... =2018&pg=5

Minnesota high school players

#96 Jackson Perbix Elk River
#98 Jack Jenson Eden Prairie
#136 Demetrios Koumontzis Edina
#152 Luke Loheit Minnetonka
#211 Colin Schmidt Wayzata
Unranked Michael Vorlicky Edina
Unranked Ben Helgelson Hill-Murray

Players who used to play Minnesota high school hockey

#23 K'andre Miller NTDP-Minnetonka
#24 Blake McLaughli Chicago USHL-Grand Rapids
#102 Scott Perunovich Duluth NCAA-Hibbing
#104 Gavin Hain NTDP-Grand Rapids
#126 Ben Copeland Waterloo USHL-Edina
#140 Isaac Johnson Tri-CIty WHL-Anoka
#141 Jaxon Nelson Sioux Falls USHL-Luverne
#202 Chase Hartje Brandon WHL-Bemdiji
#215 Cole Koepke Sioux City USHL-Hermantown

Minnesota Goalies

#5 Keegan Karki Muskegon USHL- St. Cloud Cathedral
#10 Jared Moe Waterloo USHL- Holy Family
Unranked Ryan Ullan Bismark NAHL- Hibbing
Unranked Zach Stejskal Central Illinois USHL- Grand Rapids
Unranked Dayton Rasmussen Denver NCAA- Holy Family

From the midterm report some of these guys made some big jumps up and some fell down the rankings

K'andre Miller might have jumped himself into the 1st round, but that will be close.
Jack Jenson went up 15 spots
Perunovich went up 22
Ben Copeland went from unranked to 126
Isaac Johnson went up 30
Loheit up 13 spots
Koepke went from unranked to the bottom of the list at 215

I will let you guys figure out who fell from the midterm rankings, maybe it will surprise you, maybe not.

I am sure I missed a name or two so comment if I did

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Re: Final Central Scouting Report

Post by JerseyDave » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:32 pm

Great post, thanks!

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Post by WestMetro » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:37 am

Couple people i know thinking Peruni might go lots higher than this.

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