Biggest rivalries

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The biggest rivalry

Orono v.s. Mound
Hill Murray v.s. WBL
Blake v.s. Breck
Edina v.s. St. Louis Park
or Rochester Century v.s. Rochester John Marshall
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The Bender
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Post by The Bender »

I think that STA and Cretin is starting to become one of the best in the state no question.
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Post by STC18 »

WOW. :shock: No Roseau-Warroad game on this list. You've gotta be kidding me. That's the biggest in Minnesota sports for sure.
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Post by Tigerpride2 »

dont forget the southern boys... none of you care but Albert Lea vs. Austin has been going on forever, in every sport, hockey games especially. Players get cheap and out of hand and there is always alteast one fight in the stands, always worth the 4 bucks to watch. but i do have to agree with the inner city point that was made earlier.
Walter Sojack
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Post by Walter Sojack »

Good point Bender. The only problem is that STA and Cretin dont have much history - could be wrong about that though. They will make one heck of a rivalry in this decade though.
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Post by cmf »

I can tell you right now that you would be hard pressed to find 2 schools that hate each other more than STA and Cretin. From what i have heard and seen this rivalry started at the founding of Cretin and has intensified to unparraled levels. At STA if you even sat Cretin's name you are booed. Their hockey rivalry may only be just intensifing but rivalries in other sports will transcend over. This years game will be so packed I will probaly arrive thirty minutes before the J.V. game just to get in.
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Post by WBJG-4-life »

Yeah, one question, Where are all of the Northern Teams? Why yes some of them are fairly good rivalries there are a lot of others. I also like WBL and Hill up there given that these to schools have a very long rivalry, not just one that started in the last decade. The WB and Hill games are always worth your money, for the game, and the chanting. :lol:
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Post by MinnesotaHockey21 »

all those those are rivalries but none of those are the states biggest rivalries.
Warroad-Roseau (Probably most historic for hockey)

* Kennedy-Jefferson is a rivalry but the games dont really have the feel, i went to the game last week and both sides of the fans stayed quite the whole game
*Underdog in this category Maple Grove Vs. Osseo they sell out wherever they play, probably the most noisiest high school game ive ever been to both sides never stop chanting the whole game, i would suggest this game maybe even more than HM-WBL
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Post by hockeyoo »

well if we arent talking about rivalry as not a good game but as just schools going at it Woodbury/park games get pretty crazy
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Post by wukwinn29 »

I'm almost convinced BloomingtonJefferson-EdenPrairie have a bigger rivalry than BloomingtonJefferson-BloomingtonKennedy for hockey.
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Post by MinnesotaHockey21 »

wukwinn29 wrote:I'm almost convinced BloomingtonJefferson-EdenPrairie have a bigger rivalry than BloomingtonJefferson-BloomingtonKennedy for hockey.
I agree with that
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Post by hockeyjunkie2 »

Apple Valley and Eastview could be mentioned they play in the same rink which is connected to AVHS but is both there home rink, always packed full when they meet.

Breck and Blake i gotta agree with that one its definatly a classic
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Post by hockey021 »

I don't know about Century and JM being a top rivalry much. Mayo and Century is more of a bigger rivalry between the three teams. Both teams can't stand each other period and with century normally always having a better team, mayo always keeps it close. Will definintyl be the same way this year. Not to mention normally always a fight after the game between the two student sections.
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Re: Biggest rivalries

Post by chanstorm2 »

No One has yet to mention Wayzata VS Minnetonka which makes me sad :(
"We'll beat trashka next year boys!"
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Re: Biggest rivalries

Post by j4241 »

Been reflecting on that for 13 years?
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